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Lost to Love

Lost to Love
Lost to Love

My next reissue is up and ready to be purchased. If you haven’t read Lost to Love,  a romantic suspense novel, check it out.

Here’s a little bit of what you get.

Robert leaned back in his seat and refastened his seatbelt. “I know exactly what you need.” He started the car and pulled back out into traffic.

“What?” Deirdre asked sitting up in her seat.

 “You’ll see.” Robert turned and winked at her.

He missed the turn that would have led back to her office. “I don’t know where we’re going, but I really do need to get back to my office.”


 “I need to check on Sheila. I’ve got to at least call her house and try to talk to her.”

 “You said her husband was taking her to the hospital, right?”

 “I hope so.”

 “Well, that should take a while. In the meantime, we need to take care of Deirdre. There’s no hurry. You’ve canceled your appointments for the day. Trust me. I’ve got something that will relax you. And you’ll have plenty of time to call Sheila before the days over.”

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