Welcome to BridgetAnderson.net!

Welcome to my new home on the Internet, and thank you for stopping by! I write romance and romantic suspense novels, and I’m currently in the process of republishing most of my earlier romance novels as e-books. My first two novels, Soul Mates and Rendezvous, are now available as e-books. See the new cover to the right and check out my books page to purchase a copy. I’m really excited about both covers. I’m excited to finally have one place where readers can come to learn about my novels and what I’ve been up to lately. Here you’ll find information on everything I’m doing in the world of writing.

Currently, I’m trying to figure out how to self-publish four books this year. Wish me luck. I’m also hard at work on my next romantic suspense novel that I hope to publish soon. Don’t forget to subscribe to my newsletter so I can let you know about my next release.I promise not to flood your email with newsletters every month. Feedback about my books, my site, or whatever you want to talk about is always more than welcome. If you’d like an autographed copy of one of my previously published romance, or romantic suspense novels please contact me for pricing and mailing information.

Aside from the two e-books mentioned above, I’ve also published: Reunited, All Because of You, Lost to Love, Hotel Paradise, Hot Summer Nights, Sweet Memphis Crush  Imani, and Where There’s a Will – the anthology. I enjoy talking to readers via social media. Go ahead and follow me on Twitter, Facebook, or Goodreads by clicking the corresponding icons below. Looking forward to chatting with you.

Thanks for dropping by, Bridget